Programs & Services

Our Philosophy

Six House, Inc. believes that the success of a community is dependent upon the success of individual families. The Six House aspires to rebuild the community by empowering individuals to make more positive personal decisions that affect their families and society.

Six House will provide programs and services to meet the following six areas of need in three core categories:
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  • Educational/Healthcare/Food Programs
    Six House, Inc. is committed to providing educational/healthcare/food  support initiatives for youth and adults in the community. From the free after school program to free adult computer training to supplemental food program needs, there is a service available for everyone at Six House, Inc. 

    Six House, Inc. believes that increased education/healthcare/food programs afford people more healthy families, career options and potential increases in earnings. Without a decent education, feeding your family along with available healthcare in our country, a person's options are limited and the chances of success are significantly reduced.

  • Economic Empowerment
    Six House, Inc. has created an economic empowerment initiative to help individuals better understand the principles of personal finances, starting and maintaining a successful business and more. Finances impact every area of a person's life, ranging from career options, relationships, personal self-esteem, educational options and more.

    Six House, Inc. wants people to have a better understanding of economic empowerment in order for them to make more informed financial decisions.

  • Community Events
    As a community outreach organization, Six House, Inc. realizes the importance of giving back to the community. Six House, Inc. offers five annual community events each year to provide assistance to the underprivileged or underserved populations in our communities.

    Six House, Inc. believes that helping others is the greatest act of service and also the most rewarding.

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Important Areas of Need  To Be Successful

  • Academic & Career Needs
    Understanding what occupations are available to a person based on interests, values, skills and motivation is critical for success. The Six House will provide resources and materials to help people to properly assess their interests, values and skills to make proper career and academic related decisions.

  • Physical And Athletic Needs
    Six House wants people to get in touch with their bodies by demonstrating how it must be treated properly for good living. The center will offer sports camps and workshops that will focus on topics (included but not limited to): nutrition, proper exercise and sexual health.

  • Family Needs
    Every person that is born is placed within the context of a family. A positive family unit is essential for good personal development as it contributes heavily to the esteem and success (or lack thereof) of an individual. The Six House will help people to understand their important role in the family and how it contributes to the overall success of the family structure.

  • Financial Needs
    Money is widely discussed yet not formally taught as a subject in the majority of schools, colleges and universities. Gaining a true understanding of money and how to manage it properly is key to maintaining personal balance. The Six House will help individuals with personal financial planning as well as offer various financial workshops and seminars to include: Rules for buying a Car, How to Buy a House, Sound Financial investments, Tax tips and The Basics of Budgeting.

  • Social Needs
    Next to families, a person's friends are most important in terms of personal development, influence and proper decision making. The Six House will offer programs on peer pressure, violence in the community, and moral development. In addition, sponsor trips to various locations to give young people another perspective of the world.

  • Mental Needs
    A person's attitude can determine success or failure in a situation. The Six House will encourage people to develop positive attitudes and coping strategies to life problems, through workshops, programs and counseling groups.