About Us

An Overview of Six House, Inc.

The Six House, Inc. is non-profit organization founded by Jerome A. Barber and  Kevin G. Swann in May 2002. The Six House was created to help people of all ages gain the knowledge and skills necessary to produce a better quality of living for themselves, their individual families and community.

The name "Six House"  is derived from a holistic approach to personal living, awareness and decision making. 

The number "six"  represents the six important areas of need a person must address to be successful:  mental, physcial (athletic), social, financial, family and educational/career.

The word "house" represents the type of atmosphere that the Center will create:  a place of peace, protection, purpose and power.

The "logo" of the Six House embodies the fulfillment of dreams (house with picket fence) and the utilization of personal resources (light inside the house) to turn dreams into a reality.

Six House, Inc., is an outreach ministry of Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Temple in Hampton VA.


  • To provide educational programs for people of all ages

  • To empower others through positive  relationships and reinforcement

  • To extend our boundaries through community service


To be the leading community outreach organization in the city of Hampton.

2003 Kecougthan Road
Hampton VA  23661
757.245.3512 (FAX